Why is a Legal Checkup Necessary?

Legal Checkup

I have spent most of my legal career as a business litigator; I litigate all kinds of business disputes, including contract disputes between businesses, business breakups between former friends or family members, trademark infringements, unfair competition, collections against businesses, piercing the corporate veil, and employment matters.  No matter the context, whenever there is a business on the other side of a lawsuit, as a litigator, it is my job to find that business’ weakness and attack it for my client’s advantage.  Many times those weaknesses are self made and have nothing to do with the dispute between the parties.  Most of the time when those weaknesses are exposed, it is both a surprise to the business owner and too late to remedy the problem.

So, when I advise my business clients, I try to find those same weaknesses in my client’s business and teach them why they are vulnerable.  Then, I help them to make those weaknesses into strengths.  We have taken our knowledge of how to attack businesses in litigation and developed a systematic approach to give an early warning to our clients if they are in jeopardy.  We evaluate risks to our business clients so that they can see their business from a bird’s eye view.  We show them their weaknesses and their strengths by evaluating seven areas of concern: 1) Personal Issues; 2) Business Formation and Corporate Governance Issues; 3) Contract Issues; 4) Employment Issues; 5) Intellectual Property Issues; 6) Finance Issues; and 7) Management Issues.

A Legal Checkup is an online survey.  It takes about 8-10 minutes on average to complete.  Once completed, I will schedule a no-obligation meeting with you to review the results.  Based on your answers, a powerful computer program will diagnose your legal health in each of the seven areas.  I will provide you with a written report detailing possible areas of weakness for your business, together with possible strategies for repairing your business.  Some of those strategies might be as simple as changing the way you keep your business records, while others will be more complicated.  Together, we will build a strategy with your other professional advisors (CPA, Insurance Agent, Financial Planner, Banker, and Business Coach) to help your business become as strong as it can be.

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