Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure; Rule 80

Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure

Rule 80. Transcript or Recording of Testimony as Evidence

If recorded or stenographically reported testimony at a hearing or trial is admissible in evidence at a later trial, the testimony may be proved by:

(a)      a transcript certified by the person who stenographically reported it; or

(b)      an audio or audiovisual recording certified by the court in which the recording was made.

Advisory Committee Note—2019 Amendment

The amendments to Rule 80(a) retain former NRCP 80(c)’s provision for stenographic transcripts and add Rule 80(b) to govern audio or audiovisual recordings made by the court. The judge or any court employee who operates the recording equipment (e.g., the court clerk, judicial assistant, law clerk, recorder, bailiff, or any other employee) may make the certification required by “the court” in Rule 80(b). Nevada’s law of evidence governs the admissibility of a transcript of a certified recording.

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