Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure


      (a) Pleadings.  There shall be a complaint and an answer; a reply to a counterclaim denominated as such; an answer to a cross-claim, if the answer contains a cross-claim; a third-party complaint, if a person who was not an original party is summoned under the provisions of Rule 14; and a third-party answer, if a third-party complaint is served. No other pleading shall be allowed, except that the court may order a reply to an answer or a third-party answer.

      [As amended; effective March 16, 1964.]

       (b) Motions and Other Papers.

              (1) An application to the court for an order shall be by motion which, unless made during a hearing or trial, shall be made in writing, shall state with particularity the grounds therefor, and shall set forth the relief or order sought. The requirement of writing is fulfilled if the motion is stated in a written notice of the hearing of the motion.

              (2) The rules applicable to captions, signing, and other matters of form of pleadings apply to all motions and other papers provided for by these rules.

              (3) All motions shall be signed in accordance with Rule 11.

      [Added; effective February 11, 1986.]

       (c) Demurrers, Pleas, Etc., Abolished.  Demurrers, pleas, and exceptions for insufficiency of a pleading shall not be used.

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