Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure


      (a) Appointment and Compensation.  The court may appoint one or more discovery commissioners to serve at the pleasure of the court. In multi-judge districts, appointment shall be by the concurrence of a majority of all the judges of such district. The compensation of a discovery commissioner may not be taxed against the parties, but when fixed by the court must be paid out of appropriations made for the expenses of the district court.

      [As amended; effective July 1, 2008.]

       (b) Powers and Duties.  As directed by the court, a discovery commissioner may enter scheduling orders pursuant to Rule 16(b) and preside at the case conferences and discovery resolution conferences required by Rule 16.1 or 16.2. A discovery commissioner also may conduct settlement conferences pursuant to an agreement by the parties or an order of the district court. The discovery commissioner has and shall exercise the power to administer oaths and affirmations, to regulate all proceedings in every conference before him, and to do all acts and take all measures necessary or proper for the efficient performance of his duties.

      [As amended; effective July 1, 2008.]

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