Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure

Form 32.  Judgment on Decision by the Court

(Title of Court)

                                                                                Civil Action, File Number __________

A.B., Plaintiff                                 }

        v.                                               }        Judgment

C.D., Defendant                             }

      This action came on for [trial] [hearing] before the Court, Honorable John Marshall, District Judge, presiding, and the issues having been duly [tried] [heard] and a decision having been duly rendered,

      It Is Ordered and Adjudged

      [that the plaintiff A. B. recover of the defendant C. D. the sum of __________, with interest thereon at the rate of __________ per cent as provided by law, and his costs of action.]

      [that the plaintiff take nothing, that the action be dismissed on the merits, and that the defendant C. D. recover of the plaintiff A. B. his costs of action.]

      Dated at __________, Nevada, this _____ day of __________, 20_____.


                                                                         District Judge

      [Added; effective March 16, 1964.]

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