Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure

Form 21.  Answer to Complaint Set Forth in Form 8, With Counterclaim for Interpleader


      Defendant denies the allegations stated to the extent set forth in the counterclaim herein.

Counterclaim for Interpleader

      1. Defendant received the sum of ten thousand dollars as a deposit from E. F.

       2. Plaintiff has demanded the payment of such deposit to him by virtue of an assignment of it which he claims to have received from E. F.

       3. E. F. has notified the defendant that he claims such deposit, that the purported assignment is not valid, and that he holds the defendant responsible for the deposit.

       Wherefore defendant demands:

       (1) That the court order E. F. to be made a party defendant to respond to the complaint and to this counterclaim.1

       (2) That the court order the plaintiff and E. F. to interplead their respective claims.

       (3) That the court adjudge whether the plaintiff or E. F. is entitled to the sum of money.

       (4) That the court discharge defendant from all liability in the premises except to the person it shall adjudge entitled to the sum of money.

       (5) That the court award to the defendant its costs and attorney’s fees.


      1Rule 13(h) provides for the court ordering parties to a counterclaim, but who are not parties to the original action, to be brought in as defendants.

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