Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure

Form 12.  Complaint for Specific Performance of Contract to Convey Land

       1. On or about December 1, 1936, plaintiff and defendant entered into an agreement in writing, a copy of which is hereto annexed as Exhibit A.

       2. In accord with the provisions of said agreement plaintiff tendered to defendant the purchase price and requested a conveyance of the land, but defendant refused to accept the tender and refused to make the conveyance.

       3. Plaintiff now offers to pay the purchase price.

       Wherefore plaintiff demands (1) that defendant be required specifically to perform said agreement, (2) damages in the sum of one thousand dollars, and (3) that if specific performance is not granted plaintiff have judgment against defendant in the sum of ten thousand dollars.

      NOTE—Here, as in Form 3, plaintiff may set forth the contract verbatim in the complaint or plead it, as indicated, by exhibit, or plead it according to its legal effect. Furthermore, plaintiff may seek legal or equitable relief or both.

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