The defendant has admitted liability for the plaintiffs personal injuries [and property damage] [proximately] [legally] caused by the accident in question.

[A proximate cause of an injury [or damage] is a cause which, in natural and continuous sequence, produces the injury [or damage], and without which the injury [or damage] would not have occurred.]

[A legal cause of an injury [or damage] is a cause which is a substantial factor in bringing about the injury] [or damage].

In determining the amount of losses, if any, suffered by the plaintiff as a [proximate] [legal] result of the accident in question, you will take into consideration the nature, extent and duration of the injuries [or damage] you believe from the evidence plaintiff has sustained, and you will decide upon a sum of money sufficient to reasonably and fairly compensate plaintiff for the following items:

NEV. J.I. 10.01

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