Nevada Civil Practice Official Forms Library

Nevada State Forms

Abandoned Vehicle
Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline
Nevada Real Estate Division
Nevada Supreme Court – Appellate Practice Forms
Nevada Supreme Court Law Library

Official Form 2. Rule 4.1 Waiver of Service of Summons
Official Form 3. Consent to Service by Electronic Means Under Rule 5

Clark County Forms

Application for Child Support

Application for Temporary Protection Against Domestic Violence​

Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis and Order

Arbitration Forms

Assessor Forms

Bad Check Unit

Business License Forms

Clark County Lobbyist Registration Statement

Civil Cover Sheet

Civil-Criminal Forms Library

Civil Law Self-Help Center Forms

Code Enforcement and Graffiti Complaints

Discovery Forms Library

District Attorney

Mediation Forms Library

Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment

Petition for Judicial Review – NRS 130-150

Probate Forms Library

Sealing Records

Short Trial Program Forms Library

Specialty Court Application Form

8th Judicial District Court Forms

Audio/Visual Appearance Request Instructions
Civil/Criminal/Probate Forms
Family Forms
Arbitration Forms Library
Discovery Forms Library
Sample Interrogatories/Sample Requests for Production
Probate Forms Library
Family Law Self-Help Center Forms
Family Temporary Protective Orders Library

Confidentiality Packets
NRS 250 Packet
SB 79 (NRS 247 and 250) Packet
SB 79 (NRS 247 250 and 293) Packet
Clark County Recorder’s Office Instructions – SB 79 Confidential Information
FAQs Regarding Confidential Information

Cover Sheets

Las Vegas Justice Court Forms

ADA Form
Attorney Contact Information Form
Civil Forms
Copy & Research Request – Criminal
Criminal Forms
Eviction Forms
Fee Waiver
Media Requests
Neighborhood Justice Center – Request for Mediation Form
Protective Order Forms
Records Request Form
Small Claims Forms
Traffic Forms

Justice Court Forms

Boulder City Township Justice Court
Bunkerville Township Justice Court
Goodsprings Township Justice Court
Henderson Justice Court
Laughlin Township Justice Court
Mesquite Township Justice Court
Moapa Township Justice Court
North Las Vegas Justice Court
Searchlight Township Justice Court

Municipal Court Forms
Henderson Municipal Court
Henderson Sealing Records Booklet
North Las Vegas Municipal Court

Boulder City Township Constable
Henderson Township Constable
Las Vegas Township Constable
Mesquite Township Constable
North Las Vegas Township Constable

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada Brochures

General Brochure
General Brochure (Spanish)
Attachment and Garnishment
Bankruptcy Basics
Car Repairs
Car Repairs (Spanish)
Civil Law Self-Help Center
Civil Law Self-Help Center (Spanish)
Collection Proof
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Bill of Rights
Debt Collection
Family Law Self-Help Center (Spanish)
How to Buy a Used Car
Know Your Rights – (Korean)
Know Your Rights (Spanish)
Name Change/Gender Marker
Payday Loans and Title Loans
Protection Order
Social Security
Special Education (Spanish)

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