Nevada Arbitration Rules

Rule 1.  The court annexed arbitration program
Rule 2.  Intent of program and application of rules
Rule 3.  Matters subject to arbitration
Rule 4.  Relationship to district court jurisdiction and rules
Rule 5.  Exemptions from arbitration
Rule 6.  Assignment to arbitrator
Rule 7.  Qualifications of arbitrators
Rule 8.  Authority of arbitrators
Rule 9.  Stipulations and other documents
Rule 10.  Restrictions on communications
Rule 11.  Discovery
Rule 12.  Scheduling of hearings; pre-hearing conferences
Rule 13.  Pre-hearing statement
Rule 14.  Conduct of the hearing
Rule 15.  Arbitration in the absence of a party
Rule 16.  Form and content of award
Rule 17.  Filing of award
Rule 18.  Request for trial de novo
Rule 19.  Judgment on award
Rule 20.  Procedures at trial de novo
Rule 21.  Scheduling of trial de novo
Rule 22.  Sanctions
Rule 23.  Costs
Rule 24.  Fees for arbitrators

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