Mediation Toolbox

I am a Nevada mediator, arbitrator, and  litigator with experience resolving hundreds of disputes through ADR. This Mediation Toolbox is designed to assist those involved in mediation in Nevada or federally to navigate the process. Please feel free to reach out to me if there are resources that should be added to this Toolbox.

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?
Nevada Supreme Court Defines Mediation
Why Mediation?
Three Things Mediation is NOT
Mediate Instead of Filing That Lawsuit: Trying to Compromise Before Starting a Lawsuit

Preparing For Your Mediation (FAQ)

Seven Things to Discuss With Your Mediation Client BEFORE Mediation

What to Expect From Your Mediation: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Mediation?
What is the Role of the Mediator?
What is Your Role at Mediation?
How Does Mediation Compare to Litigation?
Why Mediate?
Who May Attend The Mediation?
Is Mediation Confidential?
What Will Happen At The Mediation?
What Is A Separate Session?
Can You Speak With Your Attorney Privately Any Time You Want?
How Long With Mediation Last?
What Helps To Get The Case Settled?
How to Get the Most Out of Mediation

Mediation Rules

     American Arbitration Association

Commercial Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures
Commercial Mediation Forms
Construction Industry Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures
Construction Industry Mediation Forms
Employment Mediation Procedures
Employment Mediation Forms


JAMS International Mediation Rules


Nevada Statutes On Mediation
Nevada Revised Statutes, NRS Chapter 38:  Mediation and Arbitration
Nevada Court-annexed Mediation Program Rules
Nevada Rules Governing Alternative Dispute Resolution
Arbitration of Claims Related to Residential Property Within Common Interest Community (HOAs)

Nevada’s Supreme Court Settlement Program (Appellate Mediation)

What is Nevada’s Supreme Court Settlement Program
Nevada Supreme Court Defines Settlement Conference
Rules Governing Nevada Supreme Court Settlement Program
The Role and Need for Settlement Judges in Appellate Cases

Mediator Ethics

ABA Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators
JAMS Mediators Ethics Guidelines
Considerations of Neutrality and Impartiality in ADR

Drafting Your Mediation Agreement or ADR Clause

10 Steps to Drafting a Better ADR Agreement
Standard ADR Clause Library

Selecting Your Mediator

Jay Young, Las Vegas, Nevada Mediator
Alternative Dispute Resolution Options in Las Vegas Nevada
Tips For Selecting a Good Mediator

Mediation Advocacy

Selling Your Case in a Different Way:  Effective Mediation Calls for Advocacy Skills, Even if They’re Not the Kind Litigators Use in Court
Four Tricks That Make Mediation Work
What is Your Negotiation Style?
Collaborative Skills For Collaborative Lawyers
How to Measure the Impact and Cost of Conflict on Your Business

After the Settlement—Now What?

Memorandum of Understanding of Settlement at Mediation
Avoiding Pitfalls During Mediation Settlement

Online Mediation Resources

Advanced Resolution Management
American Arbitration Association
Association for Conflict Resolution
National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals
International Mediation Institute

About the Author

Jay Young is a Las Vegas, Nevada attorney. His practice focuses on business law, business litigation, and acting as an Arbitrator and Mediator. Peers have named him an AV-Rated Lawyer, Best Lawyers, a Top 100 Super Lawyers in the Mountain States multiple years, and to the Legal Elite and Top Lawyers lists for many years. Mr. Young has been appointed a part time Judge, a Special Master to the Clark County, Nevada Business Court, as an arbitrator by the Nevada Supreme Court. He has been appointed as an arbitrator or mediator of well over 250 legal disputes from business disputes to personal injury matters. He has been named Best Lawyers for Arbitration. Mr. Young is a respected author of ten books, including A Litigator’s Guide to Federal Evidentiary Objections, A Litigator’s Guide to the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the Federal Court Civil Litigation Checklist.
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