Mediation FAQ: What is Your Role at Mediation?

What is Your Role?

             In litigation, your attorney does most of the heavy lifting, and as a party, you are mostly watching the presentation.  Much of that presentation, if not all, focuses on the past.  In mediation, your attorney will still be an important advocate for your cause and will certainly be a very important advisor to you, but you play a more central role.  I will sometimes speak with your attorney and I will sometimes speak directly to you in order to help find the best way forward.  I will have learned about the past from your counsel’s brief and will look forward to understanding its impact on you when we meet.  Please be engaged in the process and share with me your feelings both about what occurred as well as what you would like to see for the future.  Even though I have been involved in thousands of disputes, I guarantee that I have never had one “just” like yours. Therefore, I need your help to understand your unique situation.

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