Mediation FAQ: Who May Attend The Mediation?

Who May Attend The Mediation?

All parties directly involved in the dispute should attend the mediation.  You and your attorney, as well as the other party and their counsel need to appear.  Anyone who would be responsible to pay or to approve the amount paid or received should be in attendance or, at a minimum, be available by telephone.  If an insurance company will be paying for any settlement, a representative of that insurance company who has full settlement authority should be there in person.  If a company is a party to the litigation, an individual with final settlement authority should be present. My preference is that parties not participate via telephone, as it is easier to be dispassionate and disassociated with the process.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that having a party appear by telephone increases the chances that the mediation fails to end in a settlement, so I prefer to have all decision makers present for my mediations.

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