Business Owner’s Toolbox

How to Start Your Business

Business Owner’s Toolbox

So, You Want to Own Your Own Business in Nevada?
A Primer on Types of Business Formations In Nevada
Three Popular Nevada Business Entities and How to Structure Them
Thinking of Opening a Nevada Business?  Here Are Some Things You Should Know About Licensing
Why You Should Never Refer to Someone as Your Partner
Nevada Partnership Formation and Law
Joint Venture versus Partnership: What is the Difference?

Corporate Formation

The Dangers of Forming a Business Online
A Comparison of Nevada and Delaware Corporation Laws
Initial List of Officers and Directors
Business Entities:  What is a Registered Agent in Nevada?
A Good Operating Agreement Could Save Your LLC
How Do I Name My Corporation?
Shareholder Agreement checklist
What Are Bylaws?
Buy-Sell Agreement is Arguably the Most Important and Overlooked Business Agreement
How to Start a Business in Las Vegas
Beware the Unforeseen Consequence Of a Failed “S” Corporate Election
Buy/Sell Agreements—A Business Valuation Perspective

Buying a Business

Checklist:  When You Are Considering Buying a Business
Buying a Business:  Are the Assets Free and Clear of Liens?

Conducting Business

Should I Sign This Letter of Intent?
The Business Judgment Rule Protects Officers and Directors
Protect your Business With a Federal Trademark Registration
Trademarks and Copyrights: an Intellectual Property Primer
How Does Information Become a Protected Trade Secret in Nevada?
Corporate Actions Requiring Shareholder Approval in Nevada
Officers and Directors Owe Fiduciary Duties to the Corporation
Election for Directors of a Corporation
Corporate Annual Meetings: What Are They and Why You Must Hold and Document Them Correctly
When Should a Business Owner Consider Buying Disability Insurance?
When Should A Business Owner Consider Disability Insurance?

How to Sell Your Business

Protecting Confidentiality in the Sale of Your Business
Does Your Business Comply With Nevada’s Workplace Safety Programs?
FAQ:  What You Should Know About Selling Your Business

Dissolving an LLC

How to Dissolve a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) in Nevada

Employment Matters

WARN:  Did You Know Certain Employers Cannot Legally Lay Off Their Employees?
Are They Employees or Independent Contractors?
Does Your Non-Compete Agreement Comply With the Laws of States in Which You do Business?  A 50-State Review

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