The Business Owner’s Toolbox

Business Owner’s Toolbox

How to Start Your Business

Business Owner’s Toolbox

So, You Want to Own Your Own Business in Nevada?
A Primer on Types of Business Formations In Nevada
Three Popular Nevada Business Entities and How to Structure Them
Thinking of Opening a Nevada Business?  Here Are Some Things You Should Know About Licensing
Why You Should Never Refer to Someone as Your Partner
Nevada Partnership Formation and Law
Types of Partnerships Under Nevada Law
Joint Venture versus Partnership: What is the Difference?

Corporate Formation

The Dangers of Forming a Business Online
A Comparison of Nevada and Delaware Corporation Laws
Initial List of Officers and Directors
Business Entities:  What is a Registered Agent in Nevada?
A Good Operating Agreement Could Save Your LLC
How Do I Name My Corporation?
Shareholder Agreement checklist
What Are Bylaws?
Buy-Sell Agreement is Arguably the Most Important and Overlooked Business Agreement
How to Start a Business in Las Vegas
Beware the Unforeseen Consequence Of a Failed “S” Corporate Election
Buy/Sell Agreements—A Business Valuation Perspective

Buying a Business

Checklist:  When You Are Considering Buying a Business
Buying a Business:  Are the Assets Free and Clear of Liens?

Conducting Business

Should I Sign This Letter of Intent?
The Business Judgment Rule Protects Officers and Directors
Protect your Business With a Federal Trademark Registration
Trademarks and Copyrights: an Intellectual Property Primer
How Does Information Become a Protected Trade Secret in Nevada?
Corporate Actions Requiring Shareholder Approval in Nevada
Officers and Directors Owe Fiduciary Duties to the Corporation
Election for Directors of a Corporation
Corporate Annual Meetings: What Are They and Why You Must Hold and Document Them Correctly
When Should a Business Owner Consider Buying Disability Insurance?
When Should A Business Owner Consider Disability Insurance?
Standard Contract Clauses
Law Insider Contract Database

How to Sell Your Business

Protecting Confidentiality in the Sale of Your Business
Does Your Business Comply With Nevada’s Workplace Safety Programs?
FAQ:  What You Should Know About Selling Your Business

Dissolving an LLC

How to Dissolve a Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) in Nevada

Employment Matters

WARN:  Did You Know Certain Employers Cannot Legally Lay Off Their Employees?
Are They Employees or Independent Contractors?
Does Your Non-Compete Agreement Comply With the Laws of States in Which You do Business?  A 50-State Review
Failing to Treat Your Protectable Information Like a “Secret” May Preclude Trade Secret Protection
Obtaining an Injunction Against Non-Signatories to Non-Compete Agreements
Employment; Negligent Hiring, Retention, and Supervision
Employment; Tortious Discharge; Constructive Discharge; Wrongful Discharge
Employment Discrimination
Employment Discrimination; Retaliatory Discharge; Wrongful Termination

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