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 Readiness Checklist for Mediation:

Eight Things You Should Discuss With Your Client Before Mediation

The Mediation Process

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  • What is mediation and how is it different from court or arbitration?
  • Why should the client consider mediation?
  • What is the mediator’s role?
  • What is the client’s role in mediation?
  • Who may attend the mediation?
  • Confidentiality in mediation
  • Discuss joint and separate sessions (also called caucuses)
  • Discuss whether an apology to or from a party might be appropriate
  • Discuss whether the client will speak directly with the mediator and/or the other party
  • Discuss whether an opening presentation at mediation is desirable or appropriate
  • Are there desirable non-monetary solutions, such as future business or payment in-kind?


Cases Interpreting NRS 38.241; Vacatur of Arbitration Award—A Digest

In General

Mere error in the application of the law is not grounds to vacate an arbitration award.  Bohlmann v. Byron John Printz and Ash, Inc., 96 P.3d 1155, 120 Nev. 543 (2004).

An arbitrator manifestly disregards the law, so as to require vacation of arbitration award, when he or she recognizes that the law absolutely requires a given result and nonetheless refuses to apply the law correctly.  Bohlmann v. Byron John Printz and Ash, Inc., 96 P.3d 1155, 120 Nev. 543 (2004).

Arbitrator’s manifest disregard of the law, so as to require vacation of arbitration award, is something beyond and different from a misinterpretation or error in applying the law.   Bohlmann v. Byron John Printz and Ash, Inc., 96 P.3d 1155, 120 Nev. 543 (2004). (more…)

Royal Oak, Michigan, July 12, 2018: Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC is pleased to announce that five of our attorneys have been named to Nevada Business Magazines 2018 Legal Elite and Best Up and Coming Attorneys lists.

The Howard & Howard attorneys named to the 2018 Legal Elite list are as follows:

  • W. West Allen
  • Robert W. Hernquist
  • Matthew J. Kreutzer
  • Jay Young
The Howard & Howard attorney named to the 2018 “Best Up and Coming Attorneys” list is as follows:
  •  Jason Weiland

Legal Elite, published since 2008, recognizes the top attorney’s in the state as nominated by their peers. The exclusive list includes only the top 4 percent of licensed attorneys in the state. This years list features over 300 attorneys on the Northern and Southern Nevada lists. In addition, there are breakout lists for the Best Up and Coming and Best Government attorneys. In order to be included, attorneys passed several levels of scrutiny. After nominations closed, ballots were reviewed for eligibility and each voting attorney was vetted through the State Bar of Nevada to confirm their good standing.

Nominated lawyers were scored based on the number and type of votes they received. Nominations from attorneys at other firms received a scoring of three points and nominations from the same firm received one point. After final scores were tabulated, the top scorers were then verified again and contacted to finalize the Legal Elite list.

Founded in 1869, Howard & Howard is a full-service law firm with a national and international practice that provides legal services to businesses and business owners. The firm has offices in Michigan (Ann Arbor and Royal Oak); Illinois (Chicago and Peoria); Las Vegas, Nevada; and Los Angeles, California. Howard & Howards major areas of practice include: bankruptcy and creditors rights; business and corporate; commercial litigation; employee benefits; environmental; estate planning; franchising; intellectual property; labor, employment and immigration; mergers and acquisitions; real estate; securities; and tax. Our distinguished backgrounds provide us with a solid understanding of the industries we serve, including, automotive and industrial; cannabis; commodity futures; construction; energy and utilities; financial services; gaming; healthcare; and hospitality. For more information, please visit the firms website at

  • Stacey M. Parzuchowski
    Marketing & Communications Manager
    Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
    450 West Fourth Street, Royal Oak, MI 48067
    (248) 723-0412


Can an Arbitrator be Removed During the Pendency of an Arbitration?

What do you do if you feel that the arbitrator appointed to hear your dispute isn’t providing a fair and impartial atmosphere in which your matter can be heard?  Can you challenge the Arbitrator before he or she makes the final decision in the matter?  What cause is sufficient to have an arbitrator removed?  As is the case with so many questions in the law, the answer is: it depends.  For the most part, parties to an arbitration who feel there is cause to remove an arbitrator are better off if it is a proceeding under the rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) or JAMS than if it a proceeding governed under the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”) or the Revised Uniform Arbitration Act (“RUAA”). (more…)

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